Can You Unstop A Washing Machine With Draino?


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I for a fact do not know the correct answer for this question? But what I have learned in the past few weeks is that there are readily available products out there to help remove, clean, and deodorize your washing machines. How well do they work? I've personally tried "Washer Magic" from the maker of "Dish Washer Magic" Lowes sells this. And at Wal Mart they sell "Tide" washing machine cleaner and deodorizer which I've purchased tonight and currently running in my Maytag Neptune TL HE washer right now. It states to use one time a week for three weeks to rid odors and residues, followed by using a pouch one time a month every month. I checked out the washing machine ile and the sink drain ile at my wal mart. No good? Just the Tide product only. I read and read and read again searching for a resonable answer myself as to wether or not I'd be successful at using (Drano) or (Liquid Plumber) products? All I came up with was that if you read Drano Crystals can rear label? It claims that Crystals are NOT recommended for Washing Machines. But it clearly lists Drano MAX GEL in the red jug for Washing Machines? OK? Now what Drano? If you read the Drano Max Gel container it doesn't even bring up washing machines at all on its labels? So do we or do we not use Drano on our washing machines? The mainn reason I need to attemp to use something like Drano is my Washing Machine has no shaft. It only contains to large round wheels at something like 45` degree angles that turn oposite from one another as the tub spins around. I tore one of the wheels off to inspect the underside of the plastic angle wheel and underneath?? UHG! My lord! Nasty. It was loaded with nasty nasty soap scum and fabric softener build-up. Yellowish brown in color and smelled terible. Being that my machine is also a Top Loader and H-E (High Energy) it only fills up to about around 3 to 4 inches of water at the bottom of the washer tub. So now how do I get the cleaning products up to the very top of the washer tub to get the rest of the condesated soap scum and moldy mildewed scum out??

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