How Do I Take The Top Off The Washing Machine?


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The process to reach the internal parts of a washing machine can vary by manufacturer. Before you decide to rip into your machine, determine what brand you have and attempt to locate the operating instructions to see if it can help you in any way. Never force any part of a washing machine open, as you could damage it. It should open easily if you are opening it in the correct way. The top control console will open in one of three ways, you'll be able to tilt it forward, tilt it backward, or lift it straight off.

If the top will not open in one of these ways, check the owner's manual. If it does open as most models do, the top will be secured by one or two screws. These screws are most typically located at the left and right ends of the top, and s standard screwdriver will do the job. If the screws are located in the front, they will be located at the top where the console meets the washer cabinet and they very well be hidden beneath a piece of adhesive trim that will peel away or be pried up to expose the screws.

There may or may not be additional screws that are located at the top or back of the console. If they do exist, they are most often located along the perimeter edges, but it is not always necessary to remove these particular screws to get the top off correctly.

Working on a washing machine yourself without the help of a professional can cost you lots of money, so you must be very careful to do the job correctly. Working on the washing machine yourself may also void any warranty you may have, so you may want to check your owner's manual before you do any work.
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My whirlpool washer wont drain or spin model number LSN1000KQ0 how do I fix it and how do I open the top?
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It sometime differs which washing machine you are using. Take a look at this graphical demonstration. Take a look at Opening the top and before it Open the Control Console. Also take a look at this link under Disassembling the washer section.
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How do you take the lid off these washing machines it a samsung SW81ASP I asked where I brought it from they had no idea why employ people tht don't know for god sake. Please some1 help me

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