How Do I Get Ink Off The Washing Machine Tub?


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If you catch it immediately, spray some hair spray on a rag and rub down the ink areas. Should come right off!
If it is simply dye from clothes you were attempting to dye: Fill tub on hot water and 1/2 gallon of bleach. Let it sit over day let it continue its cycle. If it is ink from a pen spray wd40 inside the tub thoroughly. Then proceed with the bleach soak. Good luck.
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I know it sounds wierd but carb cleaner works 100%. I tried first to do a load with just hot water and bleach and the stain was still there. My brother-in-law had me try the carb cleaner and the ink ran right off!!!
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You can get that ink off from your washing machine by using stain remover that work with metal items. The use of bleach is another option you can use for getting ink off your washing machine tub.
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A pen ink went all over my new washer and dryer and the hair spary and rag worked wonderful!
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How do I get printing ink off of my washing machine tub. I have a friend that works around printing ink and I washed his clothes and now I have ink inside my washing machine tub.
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You can use lacquer thinner.It worked good for me.But the longer the ink sets the harder it is to remove ,especially when cold water is involved.
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I am trying bleach and washing detergent with hot water and runnig it
through a short cycle. I hope it works. I will know shortly. Has th

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