How Do I Disassemble A Kenmore Series 80 Washing Machine?


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Kenmore 80 Series washing machines come in a few different models that have varying features and cycle selections. The cabinet and control console is assembled the same way for each 80 Series model. In order to replace internal parts or perform some types of diagnostic troubleshooting, the unit needs to be taken apart. After the unit has been opened, the inside of the washing machine can be easily accessed.

Firstly you need to make sure the machine is disconnected from the mains before you do anything and make sure the machine is at least a foot away from the wall to give yourself room to work. Press down on the top of the control console, about one in from both the right and left sides. Push the right trim piece toward the right, and the left piece toward the left until both unhook from the console. Remove the trim pieces. Take out the screws that are now visible on each side of the console.

Insert the tip of a flat blade screwdriver into the gap between the top and the sides of the unit. Slide the screwdriver along the sides to locate the metal locking clips. Now you need to unhook the metal washing shell from the console. Do this by prizing off the metal hooks on each side with a screwdriver or similar tool.

The shell is now completely separated from the base and can be lifted away. Once you have done this, the machine is completely disassembled and ready to be serviced.

The Kenmore 80 is a complex piece of machinery and even though it is relatively simple to take apart, some knowledge of the mechanisms is needed in order to work on it. It may be worth employing the services of a trained professional if a service is required.
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My Kenmore 80 Series washing washing machine fills with water and drains. It does not agitate or spin. How do I remove the back or the sides or the front or the top to enter it to see what might be wrong and repair it? Might be a belt that has broken perhaps? Steve

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