Where Can I View A Repair Manual For A 70 Series Kenmore Washer?


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It is unfortunate that when we purchase machinery, they provide us with the operations manual and forget that the same product may need quick fixing in case of a breakdown. What is even discouraging is the fact that, some of these machines can be very bulky to transport to a mechanic! The thought of you taking them to a mechanic gives you jitters! If you need a repair manual for your broken 70 series Kenmore washer, then I believe the best place to go for it is from your supplier or manufacturer.

If you cannot get a repair manual from these two places, you may start thinking of any other available options. This can include web pages that offer information on how to fix machinery through question and answer or fixing forums. The information on such web pages may not be the most reliable considering that all machines are different. There is so much information on how to fix washers but they may not be applicable to your machine. You can also get information that has been posted  by experts online.

Before you go ahead and try to fix your washing machine, these are the factors that you may need to consider. To begin with, you need to understand your washing machine is different from your neighbor's even if the brand is the same. Washing machines wear out depending on their age and workload therefore the causes of breakdowns are bound to be different. That means that they may also need to be fixed in different ways.

Before you have you machine fixed, you need to clearly understand what is the cause and nature of problem that caused the breakdown. When you know this, it is easier for you to evaluate and see which of the forums, answers and websites information is most helpful for your case.

Please note that not all the information available to you will be of help to you. Always seek the services of an experienced mechanic if you need to repair your washing machine. These people have all round skill that can be applied for any brand of washing machine. If you machine breaks down within the given warranty time frame, then you can take it to your supplier to have it checked at a lower fee or absolutely free.
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Kenmore washers are built by whirlpool so just go to and you can download one from them.
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Kenmore series 80 timer dryer" Parts
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Where can I view a repair manual for a 70 series kenmore washer

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