We Have No Running Hot Water In Any Faucets In The The House But The Cold Water Works. Can You Help?


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In case you notice that you have no running hot water in any faucets in your house, the reason behind this may be because the water pipes have frozen up. Mostly, however, you will notice that the pipes bringing in cold water into your home will not be affected by this problem.

Seeing as the hot faucets that have undertaken to freeze up are so expensive to repair in addition to addition to the general inconvenience of the home, it is important to ensure that you prevent your pipes from freezing. You should also use the advice in this post to thaw out those water pipes and faucets in your home or building that have frozen up already.

-Undertake to provide insulation for your hot water pipes so that they remain dry and are not affected negatively by cool moving air by ensuring you have located your main hot water shut- off point if you discover it is important. Leaks will normally happen only when the pipe has been thawed out.

-Make use of heated reflector lamps or heated taps that have been wrapped around your pipes in spaces that are dry and enclosed by ensuring that the light works even on cool nights. Heater taps will normally work through a thermostat that is built into your faucets and the tapes should be carefully wrapped between insulation and your pipes to be able to work.

-Finally, ensure that in case there is a black out, the hot water only runs at constant drips that are slow since this is cheaper compared to performing repair work. Start slow drips from the side with the hot water faucet accompanied by faster dripping cold water faucets. This is because there really is no need of running lots of water to ensure you hot water faucet is working all right.
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I just experienced the same problem and it ended up being a clogged check valve that is located within the small section of galvanized pipe that comes from the top of the tank leading to the discharge line that feeds the house.  I undid the union and checked to see if there was any water coming out at this point just to confirm that the problem was in the tank area and not a clogged or vapor locked line. When there was no water at this point I knew the problem was at the tank end. When I took the galvanized nipple off the top of the tank, I noticed the small check ball in the bottom of the pipe.  Hardware store plumbing manager told me to through the check valve out and put it all back together.   SUCCESS.  2 days of fighting with what was thought to be a vapor lock...Greg
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Do you have any water running or nothing at all when you turn on the fixture? If you don't have any water running at all in any fixture, you may have a clog in the water line where it comes out of the heater. Sometimes it builds up in the pipe and can clog it solid. If you have running water but its not hot, then you may have worn out parts on the heater which can be replaced.
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Check to see if you have hot water at any faucet, kitchen and bathroom. If not, then check for a closed valve at the water heater. If the heater is very old, it could be blocked by Calcium or Lime deposits, in which case you may have to replace it. You should probably get a plumber to check it out.
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Umm, if you have no electricity then what ever you do don't DRINK THE WATER! If you do have electricity then you are alright! Probably you're just temporarily out of hot water leave the water off for a few min. & then try it! If that doesn't work, well I'm no plumer , if you need a hot bath just boil the water & put it in the bath tub. That's all I can say! Sorry if that's no help at all!
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If you have galvanized pipes in your home it is very possible the the supply lines from the water heater are clogged.  These pipes will rust themselves shut, most commonly in any horizontal piping.  Unfortunatley there is no way to remove the buildup in the pipes, and thay will need to be replaced.  If this is happening to someone else, but only in one fixture, lets say the bathtub faucet, then you can shut your water supply off removed the cartridge within and flush the bits of rust and scale from the faucet.

Paul B.
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