Is Hot Water Or Cold Water Best For Removing Stains From Clothing?


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There is no true answer for this question as it depends on the fabric and the type of stain will affect which type of water is best to use. For most items it can truly be said that hot water is the best for removing stains on all forms of fabric, however if the stain contains protein like a blood stain for instance then cold water is better, as hot water heats up the protein allowing it to be absorbed more easily by the fabric causing the stain to worsen.

Again for most clothing the hotter the water, the cleaner the clothing will be. Most linens and white clothing are washed in hot water to remove germs and heavy soil. However, many of our clothes won't come out looking very nice if they are washed in hot water. Hot water tends to make some clothing shrink, wrinkle, and fade.

However for most people the majority of their laundry is washed with warm water. Warm water is actually a mix of hot and cold. Some machines mix the hot and cold water 50-50, although newer machines mix 60-40. Warm water is usually the best choice for permanent press and jeans. It allows good cleaning action without as much fading, wrinkling, and shrinking.

Cold water is usually used for delicate items, or items with instructions to be washed in cold water. If your cold water items are heavily soiled or dirty, you need to be especially diligent about checking and pre-treating for stains. You may also have to wash the items for longer, or allow them to soak before washing if they are heavily soiled.

Pre-treating the stains will allow the clothing to get clean even if it needs to be washed in warm or cold water. Take the time to pre-treat for stain removal before the clothes are washed and you will have a much better chance of the clothing coming out clean and stain-free.
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It depends on what type of stain is? On your washer, there should be a setting to either use cold, warm, or hot.

For pall point pens use warm or hot

For Blood use cold or warm

For chocolate or coffee use warm or hot

For cosmetics use warm or hot

For cream, milk, or ice cream use war or hot

For Dirty mechanic oil use warm or hot

For grape or wine use warm or hot

For grass use warm or hot

For ketchup or tomato products use warm or hot

For mud use warm or hot

For prespirations or deodorants use warm or hot

For ring around the collar use warm or hot

For a stain of food containing protein in it use cold.

So my dear both of you are righ.
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Ok, hang on to your money - because it depends on the type of substance causing the stain.
If the stain is blood or any food with protein in it - you should use cold water as hot will "cook" the stain in.
For most other types of stain hot water is better because it speeds up the enzyme activity of your detergent.
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there is a product called AWESOME, this product takes all stains out, from blood, wine, grass, and grease. It can be used in either hot or cold.
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As for putting hot water on this stain I wouldn't if I was you hot water is used for general washing. Cold water will lift your stain. And it also determins what kind of fabric? Sorry honey but your hubby might be on to something since he knows so much I would let him do the washing all the time.
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I know that cold water definitely for blood- also another helpful tip. Spray hair spray on ink stains-it helps lift the stain better.
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Most cases: Cold water, but really it depends on the stain
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I use hot water to get stains out of my clothes. I also add vinegar to my clothes which helps to lift out the stain. The greater use of vinegar is it helps clean your washing machine.
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Hello everyone, there are many special detergents with which you can easily remove stains on clothes. It is even more difficult to remove aquaphor from clothes, in order to find out how to get aquaphor out of clothes I read a lot of information. It turns out that one of the most effective remedies for removing Aquaphor stains from clothing is vinegar.

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Their is a Web site about WD 40's stain removing abilities, and this was shown me by Union brothers and it is unbelievable the things it removes! And it tells you what water temps. To use too! Google that!!

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