How Do I Remove Lilly Stamen Stains From Clothing?


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Lilly stamen stains are the pollen from lilies. The pollen leave behind yellow stain in the clothes and at times, it is difficult to remove. The rule of the thumb is should you have lily stamen stain do not wipe it off using water because it will make the stain more visible and impossible to remove.

To remove Lilly stamen stains from your clothes, you can try any of these tips:

● Do not brush the pollen with your bare hands. This is because the oil from the skin will harden the stain.
● Using the sticky side of an adhesive tape you can remove more pollen. Another way is by allowing the pollen to dry and use facial tissue, chenille stem or a dry and soft brush to remove the pollen.
● Never brush your clothes or add water or use a wet cloth, this will further damage your clothes because the stain will set in and spread further.
● You can hang your cloth to dry under the sun for two to three hours. This will take away the remnants and residue of the stain. If the stain is still there despite this, rinse the back side of your cloth where the stain is located with cold water. Do this until the last color of the stain has been washed out.
● You can also loosen the stain by soaking it in cold water for two hours. Rinse the backside of the cloth in cold water. You can continue this step up to three times.
● The stains can also be removed by applying a pre-treatment stain remover. Just rub it in your cloth and let it sit for one hour. Then, wash your cloth in hot water in accordance to the washing instruction of your clothes.

As much as you love lilies in your house, be extra careful in handling them to avoid lily stamen stains on your favorite clothes. Additionally, you can ask your florist to remove the anthers or mist it with flower sealers to prevent the pollen from falling to your clothes.

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