How Do I Remove Chapstick Stains From Clothes That Have Already Gonr Through The Dryer?


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HI Margerydel- Sorry to hear about you laundry problem. I was in the drycleaning/laundry business for 25 years and let me tell you- grease/dryer -not a good mix! Some of the OTC sprays do work on grease, but if it is something you really want to save- take it (1 piece)to the cleaners. They have chemicals designed especially for grease. You can leave to be cleaned (if piece will DC-not all will) or they will put chemical on and you can try to rewash at home. GOOD LUCK!
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I have the same problem. Did you try using really really hot water? Sometimes it works.
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I did some checking on the Internet and found this website with detailed instructions.  While I personally haven't tried it yet, it sounds plausible that it would work.  Here's the link:

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