What Is The Cause Of Pink Stains In Vinyl Floor?


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There can be many causes for the Vinyl floor to turn pink. However, in my opinion since they are being used in the bathroom, it could be because of moisture or even due to some leakage. Sometimes the vinyl glue interacts with the new concrete in the area and can cause this stain. Get it checked from some plumber.
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Cheap bathroom rugs seems to have dyed the vinyl, I see a ton of that in bathrooms and kitchens where moisture is present. As far as how to remove the stain, I am clueless, my guess would be to experiment with a diluted stripper type product in an inconspicuous spot if possible. The other pictures definitely look like rust, it may require a similar treatment in order to reach the stain. Take this with a grain of salt since I have yet to try to remove such a stain myself. I'll be following this thread for suggestions as well. That is why I prefer microcement flooring by https://www.festfloor.eu/ for my bathroom. No stains

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It could be caused by some of the chemicals in a cleaner, body wash or shampoo that you use in your bathroom.

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