What Is The Risk Of Termite Damage In Engineered Wood Flooring In Miami Fl?


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Unfortunately I just found out the hard way. I've had my engineered Brazilian Cherry wood floor down less than 1 year after noticing some cupping in certain areas. I just removed a section today and discovered a termite infestation. The termites were attracted to the wood and ate through the floor pad to get at it. These are subterranean termites that got in through cracks in the foundation that I though I had sealed up. The wood buckled due to moisture from the termites mud tubes and being eaten by the termites. I'm now forced to remove all the wood and have the foundation treated for termites and the slab sealed before putting the wood back down. I live in the Orlando Fl area where apparently the risk of termite damage is high.
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Flooring that has been damaged by termites is a problem we wouldn't want to experience. But there is no sure guarantee that your flooring is safe from it. That is why repairing termite damage is a must-know but it can be quite a complicated process. It is difficult to identify if they are hiding in your floor. Mostly floors that are lying on bare ground or those with ground joist (any veiled places with soil in contact with wood) are in danger from these pests. For a few years it can destroy your floor and even progress in destroying your entire house since their colonies can lively spread throughout. You can expect to have rotten ground joists, damaged pillars and decomposed floor boards that can easily collapse; hence a possible accident anytime for you and your family.

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Hey. I think if you will follow all rules and tips for installing such floors, there won't be some problems.

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Hello. I think you should make a research and buy termite resistant plywood. Usually chemically treated plywood can usually resist moisture and fire. If the quality will be good, strong bonding between layers of wood will ensure long durability and damage resistance. Also it is recommended to use water-based polyurethanes like on it provides a lot of benefits especially for floors.

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