What Do I Clean Furniture And Bedding With Once Someone With Scabies Has Used Them?


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Scabies is caused by mite.Therefore, I would treat it as you do lice. Wash all bedding,clothing,towels and anything washable, in hot water and then dry on high heat. Vacuum floors and furniture thoroughly,then throw away the bag. I would do the thorough vacuuming every 2 days for about a week just to be on the safe side,but that's just me. You may also buy a household lice spray for furniture and other unwashables. You can find it in the shampoo and/or pharmacy departments at your choice of store....Good Luck!
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I would boil whatever bedding is boilable and throw away the rest, Wash down if a metal frame with bleach. I would throw away the mattress. If the bed itself is covered in material I would throw it away. Come to think of it I think I would move from the house!

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