How Do You Remove Magic Marker Stains From Vinyl?


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Nisha Fernandes answered
Removing magic marker stains from vinyl can be quite a challenge. Vinyl items like floors and Barbie dolls are well within the reach of a playful child who is making the most out of his/her markers. However all is not lost if you're vinyl product has a stain. There are many products easily available in the market today that will serve the purpose quite well. Try products like Removezit, Tech 12 and Goo Gone.

You will have to be extremely cautious while using any of the aforementioned products simply because in some extreme cases they have been known to remove the natural colour of the vinyl item along with the stain. Read the instructions on the box carefully before attempting stain removal. Removezit is highly recommended. It is a product from Twin Pines.
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Glen Thornbury answered
WD 40 is the greatest thing in the world! It will even get out graphite grease, and magnetic ink!

Plus it helps some your aches and pains! spray it on and rub it in!

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