How Do You Remove Dried Raw Egg Stain From Concrete?


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There are many ways to remove dried raw egg stains from concrete - the most effective techniques will probably be pressure washing (where a strong jet of water is aimed at the stain, breaking it up and washing it away) or sandblasting (gritty sand is used to eradicate formerly stuck-on matter and remove it forever). Either of these techniques may require the services of a trained professional, and they will require special equipment, including sand blends for sandblasting, hoses, pumps, and so on.

Commercially sold cleansers designed for outdoor use may also be effective ways to remove dried stains from concrete. Strong, industrial agents can be used to break the stain up through a chemical reaction; however, even basic cleansers and abrasive agents (such as Comet) may be able to get rid of an egg stain on concrete. Using cleansers with the correct applicators is very important.

Best Applicators For Cleansers Used To Remove Egg Stains From Concrete

• Steel wool or "plastic" steel wool (note: You should be gentle as you scrub, to avoid scratching the surface underneath the stain)
• Scrub brush (these brushes have stainless steel, wooden, or plastic handles; these handles allows for a better grip when tackling stains on concrete)
• Chamois or cloth - (cloth fabric should be sturdy enough to withstand scrubbing; you may have to work harder to eliminate a stain if you choose this applicator)

The method you choose to remove egg stains from concrete should depend on your budget, time frame, and affinity for hard manual labor. If you don't mind doing a little scrubbing on your hands and knees (assuming the stain is on outdoor sidewalks, etc.), using a household cleaner can be an easy and inexpensive way to get rid of stains. If you need a larger surface (such as a concrete wall or structure) cleaned, it may be better to outsource the task to a local contractor with years of experience and training.

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