How Can I Remove Potassium Permanganate Dye Colour From A Concrete Floor?


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In course of construction and renovation, there are a number of times when the concrete gets stained. The other kind of damage that concrete is most exposed to include corrosion and chipping. However, there are a number of solvents and special methods adopted within the industry to treat stains.

The different kinds of stains are removed through the tried and tested methods of grinding, sand blasting and steam cleaning. At times, to remove stubborn stains, even blow torches are used. It is interesting to note though, that potassium permanganate that is a part of the question, also happens to be part of the answer! Yes, potassium permanganate is used to remove stubborn stains.

Concrete is a very versatile and widely preferred building material. It forms the base for a number of jobs taken on within the construction industry and is also most exposed to staining and damage. There are chemical solvents available in the market, to remove potassium permanganate stains from concrete. You could adopt the 'bandage' method, where you apply the solvent to the stain and work on it till the desired effect is got. There are treatments that involve the extensive use of calcium carbonate, calcium hydroxide and even acid. The stain removing solvents are easily accessible in the local and dedicated markets.
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Potassium Permanganate is a strong oxidising agent. This is because the manganese is in oxidation state +7 and is readily reduced to Mn(V) or Mn(III).
It is a deep purple colour which can cause stains on many surfaces. I have found that the best thing to remove permanganate stains is hydrogen peroxide, which simply reduces the permanganate and is oxidised to water and oxygen. These products are not harmful in any way.

Care should be taken with hydrogen peroxide as it is corrosive and harmful to the eyes especially.

Potassium permanganate is used for many different processes, from oxidation in organic synthesis to treatment of some skin conditions such as fungal infections of hands and feet.

It is used to removed rotten egg smells from local water and is also an ingredient in survival kits. It is used to make fire when mixed with a crushed glucose tablet and friction is applied.

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