How Do You Paint Concrete Floor?


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You can get special paints formulated specifically for concrete flooring; they are very hard wearing and grip the surface well. Ask in DIY shop for the right product, and follow instructions on the tin. There is a sort of concrete primer paint, too.

The other usual things apply when painting the floor, try to make sure the surface is as clean as possible, and smooth -- it might even be worth sanding it down.

The paint will wear off over time, though; it's inevitable if the floor receives daily use. So you're looking at scrubbing and sanding and re-painting it again, every few years.

Speaking from experience, though, I would be inclined to mix dye in with the concrete before it were laid, instead. And then paint on top of that in a similar colour. You'll get the smoother texture of a paint floor, but it won't look as bad in between re coats because the concrete underneath will be close to the same colour.
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A concrete floor is beautiful and also would last for a long time without any damage. First take care of all the leaking and water seepage problems in the concrete floor with the help of a professional. Then clean the floor thoroughly with the help of a detergent or other cleaning agents. Use sandpaper to remove the previous paint and to level the floor in case of irregularities.

Now apply two coats of primer and stain blocker. The next step is to paint two coats of latex paint with the help of a paint compressor. Then decorate it according to your creativity with different shapes and figures and let it dry thoroughly. The last step is to add another two coats of a breakthrough sealer and wait until it dries up completely. Your newly painted concrete floor is ready for use.

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