How Do You Insulate A Concrete Floor?


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Hello. I think it is not so simple question. Installing insulation above the concrete floor is beneficial when working on a renovation project because it can be placed onto the floor without requiring excavation and relaying of the floor. But you should choose relevant material for your situation. I recently made wall insulation with plasterboard from, I'm sure you can also find something for flooring there. Good luck!

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Insulation is done because it has many plus points like the reduction of your energy costs, maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home and extending the life span of the various implements like coolers and air conditioners in your home. The materials required for insulation of your home would be dependant on your choice of the method of insulation. If a concrete floor is left un-insulated then heat would escape from the room and leave it cold and unwelcoming.

You can insulate the concrete floors in your home yourself. This is a method of foam insulation.  The first step is to vacuum the floor properly and to cover it with polyethylene sheets. Then dig the trenches around the edges and add the sleepers and foam to the floor. Then attach the subfloor properly. This is done with the use of plywood, nails and screws. You can get more detailed information about this method from the website at this link
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if you just want to make it warmer to walk on and hang out in you can buy a pad that you can lay under tile or flooring that actually heats the floor. it is very nice on the feet. the sell em at lowes

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