Does Black Mold Grow On Concrete Basement Walls?


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Mold grows just about anywhere. A dehumidifier will help. You do first need to get rid of the mold you have. A 30% bleach to 70% water should work; if very persistent mix 50/50.

Another great to cure mold problems is air movement. A fan blowing on the mold will help. When the mold is gone keep a fan going in the affected room. I like a tower or 12" stand type of fan that oscilates.

I have used a fan in our bathroom to keep the mold out with great success. I do not mean a standard exhaust fan - I mean a fan blowing in the room - this works best. You of course also need a window or exhaust vent somewhere in a bathroom.

I have also used oscilating fans in my green house to keep mold off my plants. Circulating the air in a room goes a very long way towards ending mold problems.
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If the basement is damp enough mold can grow. A dehumidifier is probably going to be very useful. If you choose to use this know that it will probably fill up very fast. Just keep emptying it until it doesn't constantly run.

I found a website that I think you will find helpful:

From what I read on this website it doesn't sound like the mold that you have is as dangerous as some. But there should be plenty of information to help you figure out how to get rid of it and stay rid of it. Take care.
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Typically not because it's not a cellulose material.  It might grow on dirt on the blocks... If your the Arizona area contact Helping Hand Restoration..they are the experts in that region or go to their site at

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