I 'm Getting Dirty Hot Water ,though My Cold Water Is Running Clean,also Smells Like Rotten Egg.i Have Drained My Water Heater 3 Times,we Are Under A Well System, I Have A Filter And Softner What Should I Do Now?


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You have Sulphur in your water. There should be a black stain at the back of the toilet bowl. Also the black discoloration will be evident where ever the water is heated. The 'rotten egg' smell is more obvious from the hot water because the heat separates the mineral in suspension from the water.
Inquiry about different types of filter material and style as well as the size of the filter media from the store where you purchase the filters. The finest is 5 microns. The water softener supplier/servicing company has to be asked if their system is capable of removing sulphur?
Deepening the depth of a closed/encased well might be the only going further into the ground till another water vein is reached. Sometimes going deeper doesn't improve the water quality. Is the existing well is down already 200 feet?

The problem is with the ground water being pumped. The water heater is not the source but only where the sulphur is separated from the water.
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Dianne Butler answered
Mineral build up on the electrical elements will cause the "rotten egg" smell. Either remove the elements & try to get off as much of the build up as possible or just replace the elements with new ones. You also may need to clean out the bottom of the hot water tank to completely take care of the problem. the butler

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