How To Fold Up An Ironing Board?


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  • How to fold an ironing board
If you have a new ironing board and you are unsure how to fold it away, an easy way to figure it out is to turn it upside down and have a look at the underneath. Lay it on the floor so the board is flat and the legs are sticking in the air and have a look for a lever. There should be some kind of lever or release that will allow you to move the legs out of the grooves that keep them in place. Once you have pulled the release level you will be able to slide the legs down so the ironing board is released.

Most ironing boards will come with some brief instructions when you buy them and there may even be some instructions on how to fold your ironing board.

  • Other people who could not close their ironing board
If you are still struggling to close your ironing board there are many videos on YouTube that show people folding their ironing boards. There are even more videos of people attempting to fold away their ironing boards but finding they are unable to do so. If you would like some reassurance that you are not the only person who cannot fold away your ironing board then take a look at some of these videos. You may also find some tips on how to fold away yours.

Here is a video of a group of girls who take over five minutes to close their ironing board. It also shows how they eventually managed to get it folded.

  • Other uses for unfolded ironing boards
Some people finally gave up on attempting to fold away their ironing boards and opted for using it as a surfboard instead which is far more entertaining but does mean it is taking up vital space in your home.
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There should be a lever positioned on the bottom of the ironing board that you push towards the ironing board and then the legs will fold. Look under the board, the lever is usually a little more towards the front and to one side of the board.
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Hit it with a hammer. A Biggin at that

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