How Does A Bi-folding Door Work?


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A bi folding door or a bi-door or an interior door are some of the terms used to describe a door which is used to separate space in households and structures. A bi folding door works on a simple mechanism, similar to that of a normal door. However, an interior door or a bi folding door generally possesses hinges in its middle portion to allow the user to fold it once when it is not in use.

The tools generally required to build an interior door include the following:

A screwdriver, a power drill, clamps, a utility knife, a hammer, driver bits, safety goggles, hand plane, a chisel, a hole saw etc. You will also need a new door knob set and a new set of hinges.

For more information on how to build an interior door or to study its working, go here -
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Bi-folding doors are usually used as alternatives to the doors of a standard closet and a system of sliding doors. They are usually found in laundry rooms, walk-in closets, and kitchen pass-throughs, the dividers of rooms, the doors of barns and the doors of airplane hangars.

Bi-folding doors are connected by centralised hinges. They are hung from overhead tracks and suspended by rollers or casters. The innermost panel of a bi-folding door has a knob pr a pull. The knob or pull allow the user to fold the panels of the bi-folding door together. The folded bi-folding doors can then be pushed to the sides of the opening. This allows the user access to the entire area behind it. Sliding doors, on the other hand, allow the user access to only a part of the area behind the door. Bi-folding doors make perfect room dividers because they can be hung in a series.

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