How Do You Install A Stable Door?


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In my opinion, you need to consult with a professional window and door installer and manufactures as they know very well about which type of doors are stable and perfect for a particular place. There are lots of famous window and door's manufacturers...  You can call them and get better advice about the stable door installation.

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I suspect that after 6 years the problem has gone away.
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Answers often help more than just the original asker, so no harm in answering an old question in my opinion... but, Jany, I did remove the brand name and URL. Sorry.

As your G+ profile suggests you're an SEO specialist, I'm sure you can work out why
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Installing a stable door is quite easy and you can do it all by yourself. First of all you need to measure the old door first or measure the opening where the door will be installed. After you have done that, you need to go to a hardware store or a store which sells doors and other house related products and give the measurements to the concerned person there. The person will find you the perfect door and you can choose from the various designs and colours. After you have done that, you need to buy the required screws and the hinges that you will be requiring for holding the door.

After you have done your shopping, its time to go back and install the door. First thing to do is install the hinges on the door by taking perfect measurements. After you do that, make the same marks using the same measurements on the border where you will install the door. Place the door straight there and install the door with the screws. Make sure you screw them tight so that it does not come off. See if the door moves properly or else you might have to remove and make new marks.

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