How Do You Install A Kirby Belt?


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To install the belt on a Kirby vacuum cleaner, you have to turn the face plate which is attached to the head of the Kirby vacuum cleaner in the clockwise direction. This fastens the belt securely.

The next step is to flip the metallic handle in the clockwise direction. This also fastens the head of the vacuum cleaner securely. Then you have to turn the vacuum cleaner face up if it is in the upside down position and ensure that the small lock handles are fastened securely. These small lock handles hold on to the bottom of the floor plate.

The last step is to either push or slide the roller bar in and install the belt. If you want to unfasten the belt of your vacuum cleaner, you have to simply reverse the process.
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Take the front assembly off as normal then take this apart by moving the lugs. Underneath pull the wooden cylinder of " careful to remember which of the side notches are lined up. Its easy to mix them up. While replacing the cylinder put the belt through lining it up with the running line. Put it back together by winding the locking handle fully clockwise and scooping the new belt with the hook and wind anti clockwise to its full lock. Now you are ready to put the tool back on the mail body of the cleaner. It's not too bad..

Hope it helps
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My belt for my kirby classic keeps slipping off
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When I install the new belt The belt is only locked when the head say belt off. How do I get it to change ?
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Take the nose off then take roller out put belt on just make sure when you turn the knob to put nose back on that you have the belt hooked

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