The Drain Valve On My Hot Water Tank Drips And I Can Not Stop It. Is It Relatively Easy To Replace Drain Valves?


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It's not easy. If it's plastic it could break off on the inside if you try to twist it off. If it's brass you should be find.You can also buy a cap for the end of the drain plugs the size that would fit any water hose same thread.

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You need that hose bib, and a washer is $3. Buy a new hose bib, it's cheap!
And start draining that bad water off the bottom of your tank regularly, too!
It will save you money, and that's why it there! USE IT!
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Glen Thornbury
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People forget it's there, and required to be there for a reason! And needs to be drained to clean the heater out on the bottom, and any sediments!
When you heat water it precipitates things out of solution that on the cold side would still be in solution. So it settles to the bottom and needs to be drained out!
Glen Thornbury
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Oh Ya! You Never over tighten Brass or Stainless Steel!!!!!! If they leak you tighten until it stops leaking! If you Over tightened They Will Leak, and you want stop it!
Glen Thornbury
Glen Thornbury commented
OH Ya! I use Teflon Tape and then Yellow Recker Seal! It hardens and SUPER seals, that's Union stuff!
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