Is The Overflow Tube On An Electric Water Heater Supposed To Leak?


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You need to change the temperature pressure relief valve. You could try opening the valve first to get debri out of it, this may eliminate the drip. The overflow tube/ tpr valve is meant to drip if the temp or pressure gets to high and avoids possible water heater explosion. Beware, the water exiting this tube may be scalding.
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Good answer. Opening the valve might clear debris out which is keeping it from closing all the way, but on the other hand, I have seen valves like that which someone popped open the first time, and were never able to get seated completely after that. In this case, it is already leaking, so no harm in trying.
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Most public water systems now require a back flow preventer. If you have one (it could be at the water meter), you must have an expansion tank to keep water from discharging through the valve. Often once water is discharged, the valve gets crud on the seat and must be replaced.
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IF IT WAS NOT doing it before, and YOU HAVEN"T changed the temp. Setting then the pop off needs to be changed! A PLUMBER SAID THAT!
WARNING! Turn off the water supply, and then go to a HOT WATER out let and turn it on till it quits running, LEAVE IT ON! Then and ONLY THEN open the lever on the on the hot water pop off and replace!
Any questions go to my Plumber Help Group!
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People are saying that if the temp. gets too high it drips!
This is TOTALLY WRONG! If it gets too hot it WILL blow, and put hot water ALL OVER your floor!
BY DESIGN, for YOUR safety the pop off valve is either OFF or OPEN, and CODE and OSHA mandate that very thing!
Listen to a Plumber, first and foremost!
The fiber washer's seat is old, and the heat has weakened it! REPLACE THE POP OFF!
The one who said flip the breaker is RIGHT! That is a given to me for SAFTEY, too!
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If releasing the valve does not help, look for another water heater. A heater leaking is one of the signs that could mean the end of your water heater. Water Heaters (electric) can last anywhere from 6-10 years-depending on the usage. I've already had 3 replaced.
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One word of caution. In your case, since using an electric water heater, turn off the breakers to that water heater before draining it. Without water in the tank, the heating elements will continue to heat up until they burn out.

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