How Long Does It Take For An Electric Hot Water Heater To Heat 40 Gallons?


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It takes on average an hour for an electric water heater to heat 40 gallons of water. I guess there is still problem with the heater even after the replacement of heating element. Get it checked from the services company.
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When you say completely drained, do you mean out of water? After changing elements in a hot water heater, you must fill the water heater back up, open the faucets to purge the water heater and pipes of all air before you apply power. I did not do this the first time I replaced a lower element and I turned the water back on, the water filled the tank( so I thought) but when the water stopped filling, it only filled to just bellow the top element because of all the air in the system. I was only getting lukewarm at best. Found out later that the top element had burnt out because it was not submerged in water while I waited for the water to heat up.
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If I replaced my bottom element and filled the tank letting out all the air, one should I replace to the top element?? Second how long does it take to warm the water?  Should my water heater make any sound??

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