Please advise on resetting an electric hot water heater?
The heater is now set so low there is not enough hot water for a bath. I asked the manager, who said there is a rule that for children and old people they cannot set the water hot because of scalding risk...their suggestion was to heat boiling water on the kitchen stove and then carry it to the bathtub! (No risk of scalding there?)
So I watched some YouTube videos, This Old House, and hope I learned the basics...
But you have to turn off the breakers, and then test that the electricity is truly off, and I have no gadget for I am thinking, just turn the breakers off at night, and then if the water is cool by morning it is okay to go into the hot water heater?


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The reason to shut off the electricity to the heater is for shock reasons. The temp adjustments (2) are at the upper and lower coils. Risk of shock is great at these two points. Your heater is on a 220v breaker. If you are unsure, just shut off the main breaker in your box. That will kill all electric to your house.

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