I Have Water Coming Out Of A Pipe On The Outside Of My House From My Hot Water Heater. Does This Mean My Water Heater Is Defective And Beyond Repair. Or Can I Repair The Heater/ On Is Plumber Needed?


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Sounds like your Temp & Press valve is discharging. This is a safety valve, call plumber to pin down problem and replace.
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By now, I would hope you acted upon the first responder to your inquiry...but just in case you're still waiting on Providence to intervene in this matter, your waiting period is officially over! It's been so over!
Identify the exact cause/source of the leak. Is the water warm or cold? If there is an exterior panel covering , take it off and observe.
Cold water might be from the supply water piping going into the water heater. Warm maybe a pinhole tank leak in which the water would be coming out from the metal case around the tank. If water is hot, you should immediately be concerned....The tank is near failure. Turn the heater off, drain the entire tank, observe if deposits come out from the connected drain hose. Refill & let the water temperature recharge. Pay attention to the stubby brass fitting at the top of the water tank and the piping going down to floor level if or not water comes out of it. Once you know for sure what and where the leak is from, the next step will be apparent, what piece is not working.
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Spray a few drops of WD 40 into Relief Valve.

Open Release Valve to relieve air pressure until large amounts of water flows out.

If thermostat is set on High, then set to less hot or Warm position.

24 hours later if still leaking, then ...

Turn off breaker or gas on water heater. Turn off cold water supply line on top right side of tank.

Bottom of tank, release water until water flows down past the Relief Valve. Remove and replace. Remember to use Teflon and pipe dope.

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