Can You Provide Me The Possible Repairing For My Hot Water Heater That Isn't Producing Hot Water For Last Couple Of Days?


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If someone is going to repair the problem of hot water heater which has stopped its primary duty of supplying hot waters. To shoot out the problems the possible causes of this kind of trouble should be known. First and foremost cause is the faulty gas pilot from which the gas energy is sourced by the heater as well as a faulty gas thermocouple which is occurred as some problems in case of a gas hot water heater. Faulty gas control valve may be another reason for not producing the hot water.

In case of an electric hot water heater the thermostat should be checked carefully. The problem may also occur from the damaged upper electric heating elements.

As the part of repair the hot water heater the gas pilot fame should be checked properly and carefully as well as the pilot operation. In case of a gas hot water heater the thermocouple should be replaced if needed. Otherwise it must be retightened and repositioned. The gas pilot control valve is very much important in aspect of a gas water heater. In this kind of problem it is better to replace the pilot control valve.

If the problem occurs in electric water heaters then the repairing method should be different. At first it to be checked that the thermostat of the heater is provided with confirm current or not. If the power supply is fine and no such problem with the power has been observed, in that case it is advised to replace the thermostat as well as the heating element.
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Pilot Light shuts off and gas shuts off in a couple of minutes every time I Light my water heater. Repair man has changed the pilot control valve, but the same problem with shutdown started 2 days later. HELP.

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