How Do You Light A Pilot Light In An Oil Heater?


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Before you begin the procedure of lighting the pilot light in an oil heater, you should stop and read the safety information which is provided. You should then make sure that the equipment valve is fully open. Then you should turn the control knob in the clockwise direction to switch it off.

You must wait for a duration of about five minutes so that any traces of gaseous matter can be cleared out. Then you should smell for gas all over the places. If you do not smell gas, you may continue, but if you do smell gas, you must stop. Then you must turn the control knob in the counter-clockwise direction to the pilot position and press it in for a duration of about five seconds.

When the control knob is pressed in, the ignitor button is pressed and released to light the pilot. The pilot is then attached to the front burner. The ignitor button should be kept pressed until the pilot lights. The control knob is pressed for a duration of about half-a-minute after the pilot is lit, and then it is released. If it does not pop up when it is released, it is faulty and must be corrected by a technician. The control knob is twisted in the counter-clockwise direction to the desired heating level. The front burner should light. The control knob can then be set to any heat level between high (HI) and low (LO).
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Oil furnaces will heat automatically. There's no sticking a match into the machine to light the oil or a pilot light

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The answer above starts out addressing the lighting of an oil heater, but seems to drift into talking about lighting a gas heater. What happened? I know that the instructions certainly do not describe what my oil heater looks like, and why would oil smell like gas!!?
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Get a professional to do It before you blow yourself up

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