How Do You Manually Light A New High Efficiency Water Heater?


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Well every water heater of a different company has its own way of turning on heater manually. My water heater has a pilot knob, I press it and light the pilot, while I keep pressing it, I turn on the burner through the thermostat dial. For more specific details please mention your model.
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There are  two of way to lite a  H/w/h . If  it's not  electrician  pilot liter . Then  take a fire place matchs  or along  pc. Of paper hold pilot knob for ten sec. & then turn knob over to lite . Then you should be o.k.   if its a elec lite it may take a couple of times pressing the switch .  take off the plate in front of the H/w/H. At the bottom look in side way in the back you will see a funny looking small pipe inside that is the pilot tube. Place the match to that & this should work .

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