Last Couple Of Days I Am Getting Rust Colored Water From My Hot Water Heater, How To Get Rid Off It?


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This is a common problem that is usually seen. Getting rust coloured water from the hot water heater is not a severe problem, to get rid off this problem the cause should be known first. The first cause of rust coloured water is basically oxidization. It is occurred inside the glass lined tank. The oxidization or rust affects the colour of water and the colour becomes rust by it.

Another reason of rust coloured water may be the failing of anode rod. The sacrificial anode rod is used to melt in a very slow speed for preventing the rust or oxidization in the water or water heater.

The very popular and scientific solution to get rid off this problem is to replace the sacrificial anode rod with new magnesium anode rod. It would give a better result in aspect of rust coloured water from the hot water heater which is not needed. The magnesium anode rods are accessible in the plumbing supply houses.

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