Rotten Egg Smell Is Coming From My Hot Water Heater For A Couple Of Days. How To Get Rid Off It?


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The rotten egg smell is generally created by the bacteria in the heater tank sediment which is fed from hydrogen gas. It is created from decay of sacrificial anode rod. The rotten egg smell from the heater tank is a universal problem for those are using sacrificial anode.

The first and primary work should be done for get rid off this problem is flushing the water heater properly. A hydrogen peroxide solution of 2 pints 3% peroxide should be used in a ratio of forty gallons of water. Some of the solution should run properly into water lines of the water heater. The water heater tank should be treated as well. Let the solution set in tank as well as pipe for two hours. It is to be remembered that no rinsing is required.

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