What May Be The Possible Causes Of Getting Inadequate Hot Water From A Hot Water Heater?


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If your heater is gas, you will need to see if the pilot light is on. If not, it needs to be relit. You can do this yourself (follow the water heater manufacturer's directions), or your public service company can also relight the pilot for you.

If the pilot seems ok, check the thermostat. You can turn on a hot water tap somewhere in your home--leave it running for a few minutes. The thermostat should detect a need for hot water, and the burner should light automatically. If it doesn't, the thermostat is probably defective. A professional can replace it.

Is the water hot enough at first, and then gets cooler? If that's the case I would ask have you flushed out the tank recently? Sediments that build up in the water heater tank can reduce both capacity and efficiency. Flush you water heater tank. Follow the manufacturer's instructions. Your water heater should be flushed at least annually to remove sediments in the tank. Your heater will last longer and be more efficient this way.
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Among the possible causes of getting inadequate hot water from a hot water heater may be the water heating demand is oversized from the unit of the heater. Most of the cases of inadequate hot water this problem have been observed. If the unit is undersized, the inadequate hot water should be got for the heavy water heating demands.

Another possible cause may be the damaged or broken dip tube which is set in into the filter. If the dip tube is broken as well as damaged then no proper heating would be observed there. Because the damaged dip tube can't resist mixing hot and cold water into the heater as well as tank. Faulty plumbing installation may have been crossed hot and cold water connections and it may be the cause of getting inadequate hot water from a heater or tank.

In case of a gas hot water heater the problems are depended on insufficient gas supply as well as control problems. In case of an electric heater the thermostat should be checked always. Faulty electric lower heating element is a cause of this kind of problem. The thermostat of High or low heating element may also be a cause of inadequate hot water problems.
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It seems the problem is with pipes. When the water gets too hot, it becomes steam and that steam fills the pipes and prevent the flow of hot water. You have to hammer the pipe for a few times hard and then check the availability of hot water. Also check is the heater working properly?

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