Does A Hot Water Heater (Gas Or Electric) Cause Any Kind Of Restriction In The Water Flow?


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There were no restrictions experienced in the older models of water heaters. What the problem was they did permit solids/particles to gradually deposit at the tank bottom. When sufficient depth of this sludge was present, the effectiveness of the lower electrical heating element or the gas burner which is only at the bottom of the holding tank was interfered with. The even flow of water not being in contact with the heating element caused it to overheat & reduced & compromised it's useful life. The heating element had to produce more heat to achieve the called for water temperature.
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Actually a water heater does slow down water flow. But fortunately it isn't noticeable. Water pressure looses pressure for every elbow it makes and for every linear foot it travels. But its fractional. Thousands of a Psi/foot. But Tagliento is bang on that crud and calcium builds up in the inlet and outlet of the heater.
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Well there is no logic such as that hot water can be restriction in the water flow so you need not to worry about this. You are right your perception about water flow is right. There is no such thing as resistance in water circulation.

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