My Gas Hot Water Heater Just Started Leaking From The Bottom.Will It Last A Couple Of Days Before I Can Replace It Without Flooding My Basement?


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Glen Thornbury answered
The water is in a internal captive tank, and their is a hole in it, causing the leak!
So it has to be replaced!
BY CODE their should be a gate valve right at the tank! Shut it off, and the ball valve supplying the gas.

In most areas BECAUSE it's gas they have to hook it back up! This is by law, too!
And if they don;t do it and inspect it they wont sell you gas!

You can do every thing else, but to hooking up the gas!

By DOT all explosive gases are RIGHT hand thread, too!
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Marianne White answered
You don't have very much time. My heater started leaking from the bottom and within the week, I had to get a new water heater. It flooded my basement.

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