There is water coming from a cpvc pipe outside my house and the hot water tank is running. What could be the problem?


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Ray Dart answered
Also, in the UK, I have an open header tank in my loft for my central heating system.

This is kept topped up via a mains feed and the flow is controlled by a ball cock and valve (not sure what that is called in the US (if you are from the US)).

If the valve gets stuck in the open position (and it has done) the overflow comes out through a cpvc pipe that exhausts just under my eaves.

If you have a similar system, it could be that. Anyway, as Mr Wright says, you might need a professinal to check.
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Arthur Wright answered
The pipe is a safety  device to release presure when too much has built up in hot water tank so shut off hot water tank via breaker or pull fuses and let cool off and restart and see what happen but could be a stuck or bad pressure relief valve so try tapping it and see if it solves problem. This valve is where the cpvc pipe is attached to water heater tank. Try tapping valve first and then shut off and may need plumber to check. The pressure relief valve is there so the tank wont explode with too much pressure

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