Why Is The Water Coming Out Of My Hot Water Tank Suddenly So Hot?


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Does the heater produce a 'bubbling' or 'percolating' sound and rumble when it is working? Has anyone bottom drained the tank say twice a year to flush out any debris? The unit is electric? There should be a adjustable temperature dial near the bottom of the tank and should be set around 130 degrees F.
What might be your problem is that one of the internal heating loops has shorted out or broken it's loop. There are two heating coils/loops, one near the tank bottom and one near the top. Each has a separate internal dial temperature setting. Access is by removing the protective cover and should only be attempted by a person capable of working with 220 volt power. A continuity test may have to be done on each coil/loop to verify electric current has a solid route to flow.
Hopefully, the outside temperature dial is set too high and will be turned down. The next check would be to verify the coils are intact without a break in the heating loop.
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Margie Regan answered
Most hot water tanks have a dial on the front of them (usually red),this dial lets you adjust the temp of the water.

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