There Is No Water Hot Or Cold Coming Out Of My Shower, Can You Tell Me What Has Caused This?


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Sounds like water is coming through my shower but none comes out
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  1. You first need to unscrew and view under your sink(s) in bathroom and kitchen, adjust the valves by turning to get more or reduced pressure.
  2. Remove by unscrewing the shower head. Clean the insides with old toothbrush or QTip. Very common that small amount of rocks and sand have accumulated from rusty pipes and/or dirty water heater.
  3. Seems you're using a single valve to turn on the hot and cold water?  Now the springs or parts may have worn out. Need to call a plumber to replace parts or a whole kit.

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There can be different reasons for the blockage. I assume that there is no water problem. First check if your shower head is not blocked if not then the pipe is rusted and blocked the flow of water. There is also a possibility that there is some gauge of water stoppage. Just check the handle gauge if the water is stopped from there.

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