Why Isn't There Any Hot Water Coming Out Of My Shower?


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Your hot water heater may be burned out, or it may need a new element, or it may need to have the reset button pushed, or it may be out of water.  Try hitting the reset button and give it time to warm up.  If the water lasts just a short time, then it's probably an element.  If there is no water in it, then none will come out, so you got to find why it is empty.  Also, check the fuse.  If you can't get any hot water, then, you may need to replace the heater.
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Hot water tank not working, not enough hot water, or possible clogged line or broken shut off/on valve
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I had the some problem not long ago. And it ended up being a bad gear in the knob to turn the hot water on.( and it was brand new) Hope your problem is that simple
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hope you can help me. There is no hot water comm ing through my shower, but normal tap in the bath and down stairs are fine? Help



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