Why Is The Hot Water Has Low Pressure, Whereas My Cold Water Has Strong?


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One reason why there might be a problem with the water pressure could be clogging in the pipe. This is observed if the pressure is pretty good on the instant when you first turn on the tap but falls off almost immediately to low pressure. If only hot water pressure is the problem for you, there must be some sort of mineral clogging in your water heating system. Heat causes precipitation of minerals faster out of hot flowing water than out of cold flowing water. If you have a tankless coil in your water heating system, the blockage must have occurred in the coil. You will have to clean the coil by flushing it with acid.
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  1. You first need to look under your sink(s) in bathroom and kitchen, adjust the valves by turning to get more or reduced pressure. 
  2. Check the water heater valve. On the water line pipe (right side) coming from the wall into the hot water heater tank. There will be a valve, you need to turn that all the way open for additional water pressure. It pushes cold water from the city water line into the tank. Then tank creates hot water and pushes hot water out to your sinks and shower.
  3. If these two options dont work?
  4. There is a clogging in either the water tank outlet line (left side ON the tank) by maybe too much rust or calcium buildup in the water tank or pipes (left side). This clogging of course can also lead into your pipes going to the faucets and shower.

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