How Do I Get Rid Of An Air Lock In My Cold Water System?


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Sometimes, when there has been a problem with your water supply, an airlock can appear in your water system. Although it usually occurs in the hot water system, it can happen in cold water mechanisms, too. Most incidents of airlocks in the water system are the result of faulty internal plumbing. There are a couple of steps you can take to try and get rid of an airlock in your cold water system depending on what type of kitchen taps you have.

If you have separate kitchen taps for hot and cold and they are not a mixer or combined tap, then switch on your cold water. If you have airlock, no water will come out. In the kitchen only, you may consider using a short length of hose to connect the cold and hot taps before switching on the hot tap. As the water flows out of the hot tap and into the cold tap, the hot water is pushed through the cold water system and should force the airlock back into the water tank.

If the kitchen tap is a mixer, you should switch on the cold tap. Then, with a cloth, you should block the mixer tap while you switch the hot tap on gently.

Whichever way you have carried out the first step, you should leave your method of airlock clearing running for one or two minutes, switch off the hot tap and leave the cold water running for a couple of minutes to check the problem has been resolved. If the method hasn’t been successful and you still have an airlock in your cold water system, then it is worth considering calling in a plumber to try and fix it.
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I have a lowed noise Evry time I turn on my cold water tap in the pipes it ha-pens after I have turned on the hot water tap I then have to turn the cold water tap on and off three or four times fast be for it  stops is this an air lock in my cold water pipes or is it caused by my hot water pipes can you pleas help me desperate dave
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A plumber has just been and got rid of an airlock in my cold water system. He took the shower head off the bath tap, then turned off the taps in my bathroom, lifted the toilet ?cystern (to stop what would be refilling the flush if the cold water was working). He then blocked the hose with his thumb, turned on the hotwater tap fully followed by slightly releasing the cold water tap. It took less than 2 minutes to gurgle and get rid of the airlock. All for a nice fee of €70. Good luck
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Easy way to get rid of an air lock on expansion tank h&c feed is the trick with the bath mixer tap shower hose.... Unscrew shower head from hose then fully open cold tap, cover hose end with hand or cloth and open hot tap. This always works. If hot feed is air locked simply turn hot tap on first and repeat same.

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If it's in line, your forcing the air back into line. Start at lowest and run H&c free and continue to highest fixture.
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We fitted a new kitchen sink yesterday and bleed the water system down. We now have no pressure up stairs for the hot water systems and they keep cutting in and out..

Can you help please.

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