How To Build A Deck Over A Flat Roof?


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You would be surprised what the more popular depot stores have available to look at in this line of the home builder. They have entire packages that you can purchase to build just what you want. All you have to do is go and talk to someone there, and they should be able to accommodate you very well. But remember, there are certain types of additions to your home that you need to have a permit for, and this might be one of them. Be sure that you get the right building permit for this if it goes over a certain dollar amount. Good luck.
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You have to design your deck first. Put down all your calculations, expenses, kind of wood, painting materials in a format, then, Have it approve by a license personnel. You have to have a very strong anchor and the personnel will know if you know what you're doing if you know what you're doing. He can advise you on things, (but of course, they could be wrong sometimes too.) If it is detached or if your design is permanent or additional part of the house( you can classify it if it is personal property or not) The reason for this is to avoid hustle when the time comes of selling your house. Tiggersmom is right to talk to depot stores also to get more useful and tack informations. good luck.
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You'll need planning permission first .you'll need a professional to check that the exiting roof is strong enough to support the decking .planks stood up on edge running the complete width with support struts to keep them from falling over then plank over the top .builders merchants supply all the right timber for the job they should put you right .

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