How Do You Build A Deck Handrail/starburst?


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To construct a simple you need to perform the following steps, check the drainage and grading where the deck will be constructed and fix any sort of problems if there are. Try not to disturb the soil where the footing will be created because footings need to be positioned in undisturbed soil.

Place the ledger next to the house wall or additional solid structures and connect with lag screws. This has to be done against any sort of flat surface, but will form leaks, hence it is not advisable. In its place try using shims to make a flat surface. When setting the ledger you will need to consider your decking matters height and thickness. If you want your want your deck level to be adjacent to the floor, your deck should be directly beneath the door jam of that room when completed.
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Before building a deck, you should check the drainage and grading for the deck. The ledger is then set against the wall of the house and attached with lag screws, flashing is installed, the foundation is made using string line and concrete footings are cast in the ground.

After the footings have cured, a post is cut, checked for plumb and set securely in place. All the other posts are also set in a similar fashion. The beams are nailed, the decking pattern is decided upon and the joist hangers are added.

The posts for railings, benches, etc. are set, the stairs are added, protective finishes are applied to it, the decking boards are added, fastened and adjusted properly, the railing outside the deck is added, the amenities are added and protective finish is applied.
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In order to build a deck handrail it is best if you consult your local building department in order to see the criteria that are required.

you will require a 100x75 (3x4) Balusters which has to be spaced out not more than 1800mm (72") and bolted to the border line support with 2 galvanized 12mm (1/2") bolts.

Next, joists all side of the balusters which are fixed to the border line joist with nail plates above and below, and also with two 12mm (1/2") coach screws for each joist.
The 50x50 (2x2) should be treated uprights and set in place, nailed to the border line joist at the foundation, and nailed to the strip of wood and the above rail.

The uprights were spaced so that no gaps are wider than 100mm (4").
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Thank you, code in your area must be alot different then mine. When i entered my question i didn't realize how this site worked. What i really wanted to know was how i could get away with not having to rip my own lumber to make my own spindles. Standard 36" rail but i can only get 42 " spindles. Because of the time this deck was built and different codes the posts are nearly 10' apart! But its too late ive already ordered the lumber. thank you.

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