How Do You Install Linoleum Floor Tiles?


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Linoleum is a natural alternative to vinyl flooring and also lasts longer than vinyl flooring. Linoleum floor tiles can be installed in every room of your home, except in the basement and other rooms where a high amount of moisture comes through concrete. You must then set on a design by choosing from the different sizes and patterns of linoleum floor tiles which are available in the market. Then you must calculate how much and what colour of linoleum floor tiles you want to buy.

To install the linoleum floor tiles, you must choose whether you want to prepare the surface over a sub-floor which is made of wood or concrete. To install a linoleum floor tile, you must start setting the linoleum floor tiles from the centre of the room. For this you have to create reference lines, then spread the adhesive and lay the tile. Because the linoleum contains linseed oil which reacts with the oxygen which is present in the air, it may appear to be of a different colour then you ordered. You must clean up the excess adhesive from the floor.

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