Can I Install Ceramic Tile Over Sheet Vinyl Flooring?


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Rena Chisholm answered
Applying tile over vinyl flooring is a bad idea. Over the years, the vinyl will break down and cause the tiles to pop up.
 You do not say what type of sub-floor you have, but if it is concrete, scrape off the vinyl, ( you can purchase a floor scraper from a local hardware store, such as Home Depot), then lay the tile directly over the concrete.
If you have a wooden subfloor, it should be at least 1/2 inch thick plywood, but 3/4 inch is the best way to go.
Apply a concrete leveling mix by spreading it over the plywood sub-floor. This serves three purposes. 1) It will level the floor out and 2), it will create a surface which will provide a good bond between the floor and the thinset mortar mix. 3) It will seal the subfloor.
If your sub-floor is wooden and not in good condition, it would be best to tear it up and replace with 3/4 " plywood.
If it is in good condition, but not thick enough, then I would do as freedom1st suggested and lay backer board or better still, (since it is going on the floor), would lay concrete board. It is sturdier.
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Larry Patterson answered
I wouldn't try the ceramic directly on the vinyl because I don't think it will create a good bond.
I would put down backer board (cement board, wonder board) which has a concrete type surface.  It comes in 1/4 inch and 1/2 inch.  It should be screwed down.
Make sure your floor has the right thickness as recommended by the ceramic tile manufacturer.  The backer board can be used to make up shy floor thickness.
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Amrita Dubey answered

Applying tile over vinyl flooring is a bad idea. Over the years, the vinyl will break down and cause the tiles to pop up. So i suggest you can go through the Floor Tiles Manufacturers for better tiles installation.

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If the vinyl is well and truly stuck down with no bulges or flappy bits, it’s fully bonded across its whole surface to floor and it’s like hard vinyl (don’t know proper name) but it’s not like Lino or cushion flooring - ? , then go for it I recon

Clean and degrease floor 1st, so sweep, hot solution of floor cleaner, washing up liquid or sugar soap solution is all good, couple washes, rinse off with clean water

Then 2 coats of SBR as per dilution rates on container. SBR looks like PVA but 2 differant beasts - don’t be tempted to go PVA route ..... Just DONT

This will give a great bond between tile adhesive and vinyl, just use quality materials throughout, tile adhesive, grout, etc, taking into account budget but don’t scrimp, you want this to last

A pro would perhaps insist the lot comes up but, only you can decide, good prep is essential. But I'd better recommend you this option

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I believe that the floor is one of the most important parts in a house or apartment. I had a choice between wood flooring andepoxy resin flooring. I have 2 small children. So my choice fell on the second option and I did not regret it. Often, when something spilled or broke, I wiped it up with ease. I think with wooden or other floors there would be problems. I wanted a durable, beautiful floor. I managed to do it.

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