When Installing Ceramic Floor Tile, Does The Tile Go The Wall, Or Is A Space Left For Grout?


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Rena Chisholm answered
You do not have to leave a grout line around the edge of the walls, but can if you like that look better.
Do you have baseboards or are you planning to install some?
If you already have baseboards in place, then you could leave a thin grout line.
If you are going to install baseboards, then just go ahead and tile right up to the wall and set your baseboard on top of the tile for a clean lined look.
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Karen answered
I took the tile to the wall after my baseboard was installed. This way the WHOLE piece of tile would show.
My first lay job, I went around the edges and moved inward. That was a mistake because I miscalculated. When I got to the center and had 2 tiles remaining....I was short like an eighth of an I took both tiles and shaved around the edges then I placed them.
I always quiz everyone who comes to my house to try and find the one can!! It is great...I even show them an area and it still can't be found. I love to play with that and now I can hardly tell myself!!

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