I Am Planning To Fully Tile A Small Ensuite Shower Room With White Tiles Size 13"X10" The Floor Tiles I Have Chosen Are A Contrasting Colour 12" X12". Is There Any Rule Re Ratio In Size Wall Tile And Floor Tile Size?


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What ever turns your crank, Thats what I always say, BUT normally the wall tiles are smaller than the floor tile,   One other thing is the bigger the tile the smaller the job, I just did a full bathroom, and it was a major project,     I used  12 X 12 on the floor and  6 1/2 on the walls  4ft up on walls and about 2 tiles higher than the shower head in shower area, it looks real nice,   you may want to tape some tiles up just to make sure you like how the big tiles look???   It may look kind of od???    Good luck with your project

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