What Wall Color Goes With Brown Floor Tiles?


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BEN GREGO answered
WELLLLLLLLL  you have somewhat of a 'color predicament', in my opinion!!!

The tiles are brown, a warm tone; the accents are blue, a cool tone, so you have a little bit of a 'clash' between these color families...!!

If you want to play up the blue accessories, then I'd go with a nice pastel blue of some type...that way the blue would be 'the winner' in the 'clash' of color families...

I know I must sound picky, but that's the honest truth!!  When you mix two color families, one should predominate...

If you go with browns/tans etc., for your wall color, then the blue kind of 'goes into the background' and the browns will predominate.

So think it over, but by all means have fun with it!!
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Meta Forrest answered
I would go with duck egg . 
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brenda car answered
What wall color would go with mottled sand brown tiles? I have blue accents in the room

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