What Are The Wall Dimensions For Installing A Pocket Door?


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Usually, it is recommended that you have at least 84 in of height in your frames in order to install a pocket door, and you should always remember that there should be an allowance of at least one-and-a-quarter in to guarantee a snug fit. You might want to get a piece of chalk at the ready so you can make relevant markings around the door frame prior to installation.

With many kits available from DIY and home improvement stores, installing a pocket door has never been easier. Also, if you have obscure wall dimensions that may not fit in with conventional pocket door kits, there are some specialist products that will cater precisely to your requirements.

Did you know that the pocket door was invented in order to try and save space in Victorian times, which was at a premium in many households? Ever since, pocket doors have remained to be a national treasure. Not only can it add to the energy efficiency of a home or commercial property (allowing you to achieve that all-important energy rating), but it is also far easier for disabled homeowners to use. This makes a house far more accessible and enjoyable, just as it should be.

If you still remain in any doubt as to the wall dimensions for installing your pocket door, you might consider looking in the manual that may have accompanied the kit you are about to install. Should you have lost it, there may be replacements available on the Internet or in the store where it was purchased from.
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Pocket doors are a great design feature in a house. It adds to the beauty of the room. It is easy to install a pocket door if you are constructing a new room. The wall dimensions basically depend on your own choice. You can make it as big or as small or wide as you like. There are no set rules, However, there are rules for the frame of the door. It is twice the width of your pocket door plus 1. Thus if you plan to install a 24 inch door the opening must be around 49 inches. Here is a link from where you can get complete details on how to install a pocket door:
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